House Cleaning Pflugerville - How to Clean a Fridge
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House Cleaning Pflugerville - How to Clean a Fridge

Fridges are the most important advancement in the modern society and it seems like we have learned how we can take advantage of them. Most of us use fridge to store the garbage until tomorrow or either you are housing biological hazards. You need to clean your fridge during the house cleaning process. In order to clean your fridge you must follow the steps provided by house cleaning Pflugerville.


During the house cleaning process you must make sure that you clean your fridge in 3 months and it’s recommended to give your shelves and the drawers an occasional cleaning to keep the things at the bay. Also, make sure that you remove all of the bad items or old items from your fridge when house cleaning.


Things Required for house cleaning fridge:

- Plastic gloves

- Garbage bin

- Dish soap

- Cleaning toothbrush

- Sponge

- All purpose cleaner

- Baking soda

- Microfiber cloth


The Tear down:

During the house cleaning process you should start removing the items from the fridge shelf by shelf. Make sure that you keep the dust bin and the recycle bin close to you along with your nose plugs. Start checking the expiry dates of the items that you have kept in your fridge, do a small smell test and be realistic about it. Get rid of the garbage as soon as possible.


Next, try to remove all of the shelves one by one and keep them in your kitchen sink. If you have got a small kitchen sink them you can put them on the floor and wipe it with your hand. Try to be careful with it as if you damage it or crack it you are going to pay extra money to repair it. Try to remove the crisper bins of your fridge and put them on the sink as well.


Now, when you are done with removing all parts from your fridge take a dry paper towel and brush out the crumbs. During the house cleaning it’s the best time to get rid of them otherwise it’s going to spread all over. If you have got a stained area then you can add baking soda to remove the stains and let it sit.


The Cleaning:

When house cleaning, fill your sink with warm soapy water. Then use a microfiber cloth or a non-scratching sponge to remove the buildup. Clean all of the pieces one by one and then rinse them with water. You may use toothbrush to reach at hard to reach spots too.


Put the puzzle back together:

When house cleaning, start arranging the stuff all together and put it back in the shelves of your fridge. You may reconsider putting the food in other shelves if you have got extra food items.


Try to add paper towels in your crisper bins because this helps to reduce the stains and it keeps the drawers clean.


If you need help with kitchen organization call your local house cleaning Pflugerville experts.