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Deep Cleaning Your Fridge | House Cleaning Pflugerville

There is a lot of action in your fridge everyday and there are leftovers like chilli splatters, the vegetables turn slimy. The ice box looks like an art in the museum. The bacteria and germs can easily spread to the other compartments of your fridge easily. So, it’s better that you deep clean your fridge before you get sick. For house cleaning, the first thing you need to do is empty the fridge then pull out the plug and set the setting to off for safety precaution.


Follow these steps by House Cleaning Pflugerville to keep your fridge clean and keep your food safe.

Plan Ahead:

For house cleaning, First, take out all of the food from the fridge. Bacteria can multiply at the room temperature so put the dairy products, meat in an ice-box that is chilled. It’s good to deep clean the fridge before you shop for weekly food items, there will be less food anyway. While house cleaning, put away the food into the bin that is clearly past it’s prime or expired.

Wash Shelves and Salad Drawers:

When house cleaning, pull out the salad crisper drawers from the bottom of the fridge and them remove the shelves. If you find it hard then check the manufacturing instructions for details without damaging anything. Next, wash it with soapy water. If they are made of glass it’s best to let them reach at the room temperature to reduce the risk of shattering them in the warm water. Use toothpick to remove the residue that is left behind. Rinse the shelves and drawers with clean water and leave them to get dry.

Wipe down the Interior:

Make sure that you avoid hot water inside the fridge as it can raise the room temperature of the fridge and this will cause a delay in perishable food to go back in. Make a solution with bleach and cold water to wipe the interior. Pay attention while house cleaning on the grooves on the corners of your fridge where shelves rest as it can be the hotspot for germs. Use cotton buds to remove old food out of these holes.  Dry the fridge by using the paper towel or dry cloth.

Clean Outer Surfaces:

During house cleaning, don’t look at the fridge areas like handle, door surround, where the germs are built easily.If you have got a fridge freezer at the bottom then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the food particles that get attached at the bottom of the door seal. Clean the door seals by using a wet cloth in milton solution.

Allow to cool:

Let the temperature fall to 5°C or below before you replace the food. If your fridge has a fast cooling solution allow it to speed up the cooling procedure.


➤If you don’t have time to deep clean your fridge, get in touch with House Cleaning Pflugerville as we are always ready to assist. Contact your local House Cleaning Pflugerville experts for fast house cleaning.